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Monitoring & Evaluation

Enhancing the quality of research in South Africa

About Monitoring & Evaluation
The NRF must continually demonstrate the relevance and value of its activities and the judicious use of the public funds entrusted to it. The organisation recognises the demands for greater accountability in the way it conducts its affairs for the sake of those who govern and fund it and for the sake of those it serves. The continuous and critical assessment of the performance of the NRF and of those supported by the organisation is a key competency. The responsibility for these two divergent assessment functions is vested in the Monitoring & Evaluation.
Monitoring & Evaluation's Values are: integrity, commitment and service. We are committed to providing a high level of customer care to all our customers, both externally and internally.
To read more about the Customer Care standards that Monitoring & Evaluation is committed to, click here.

Monitoring & Evaluation contributes to the mission of the NRF by enhancing the quality of the activities funded by the NRF, be it support of staff, students or institutions. This is achieved by ensuring that effective and objective assessment procedures are followed upon which informed management decisions can be based.

Monitoring & Evaluation's objectives are
 To benchmark performance of researchers;
 To appraise programmes/activities considered for NRF support;
 To monitor current evaluation processes in the NRF; and
 To provide an evaluation service to NRF stakeholders and sometimes to stakeholders external to the NRF.

Tasks and duties
 Evaluation and rating of researchers;
 Provision of relevant information on the standing and rating of researchers to NRF management;
 Providing advice and guidance for programme-based evaluation processes;
 Providing criteria, processes and procedures for programme and institutional appraisals and undertaking selected appraisals.
 Undertaking programme evaluations and reviews; and
 Conducting periodic evaluation of the national research facilities.

Page updated 116 October 2009