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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link between rating and the funding/proposal process?

Researchers who are rated by the NRF may apply for incentive funding which is available for the duration of the rating. The funding is not project-related and may be used for any research-related costs. The only 'string' attached to this funding is the submission of an Annual Progress Report at the end of the year to indicate how the funds were spent.

What are the rating categories?

There are six rating categories (A, B, C, P, Y, L), which the Assessment Panels use to assess the standing of applicants amongst their peers. These ratings are assigned on the basis of objective statements contained in reviewers' reports.
View the definitions and descriptions of the rating categories in either PDF or MSWord.

Which Assessment Panels are in place for rating applications?

For the closing date of 27 February 2009, applications will be considered in the following Assessment Panels:

List of NRF Assessment Panels for 2009*
 Animal and Veterinary Sciences
 Anthropology, Development Studies, Geography, Sociology and Social Work
 Communication, Media Studies, Library and Information Sciences
 Earth Sciences
 Economics, Management, Administration and Accounting
 Health Sciences
 Historical Studies
 Information Technology
 Literary Studies, Languages and Linguistics
 Mathematical Sciences
 Microbiology and Plant Pathology
 Performing and Creative Arts, and Design
 Plant Sciences
 Political Sciences, Policy Studies and Philosophy
 Religious Studies

 * The committees may be revised from year to year depending e.g. on the number of applications received. View more information on the assessment panels.


How are applications allocated a rating?

Refer to the section on "Process to evaluate and rate individual researchers".


Can confidential research outputs be included in the submissions?

Yes. Examples of confidential research outputs are reports produced for companies, for policy-making organizations or for other research sponsors which are not available in the public domain. In such cases it is wise to select a reviewer who has access to the confidential information in order that an assessment can be made of the confidential research outputs.


Define the assessment period?

The assessment period for which research outputs will be considered for evaluation is eight years, which, for the closing date of 27 February 2009 is taken from 1 January 2001 to 31 December 2008.


Is a list of all rated scientists available?

Yes. Click on the Facts and Figures link on the left hand menu and then select the "Rated researchers and search facility" option.


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Page last updated: 6 May 2009